Youth at the LOFT Sunday Morning Recap: August 23

Here's what we did this Sunday...

This week, across the church, was our Fall Kickoff. Children, youth, and adults had an opportunity to go around and learn more about the opportunities for spiritual growth being offered this fall. This was also the first time our new 6th graders joined us in the Loft on Sunday morning. While the children were learning about the Heroes and Sheroes of the Bible, the youth were learning more about the changes and new offerings we are bringing to our programs this school year. Here is what we are offering this year with Youth at the LOFT:

Sunday Morning Small Groups (Sundays 10:00am)

We have more than sixteen different schools represented across three different worship services in our youth group. As a result, we recognize that there may not be much of an opportunity for our youth to get to see and know each other during the week. Starting on September 13 we are launching four small groups that will meet during the 10:00 Faith & Fellowship Hour. We recognize that you all have busy schedules, so we want to maximize what we are able to offer to you on Sunday mornings. Starting September 13, youth can come to the Loft and participate in small groups based on age range and gender (middle school girls, middle school boys, high school girls, high school boys). We have recruited some awesome leaders to help facilitate each group. Youth will have the opportunity to get to know each other in small groups of 6-12, talk about their week, and discuss how faith intersects with their life. This year our high school small groups will be focusing around the question of "Who is Jesus?" while our middle school small groups will focus on getting to know some of the key components of our faith. Each month we are encouraging small groups to get together at least once to do something fun together outside of the Faith & Fellowship hour. This may be going to a Grasshopper game, grabbing lunch after church, going to a high school football game, or doing a movie night, the sky is the limit. These fun events allow you more time to get to know each other without any agenda except having fun. At Youth at the LOFT, we think it is important to live out our faith together, in community. We hope that you will find an opportunity to build a community with your small group this year. 

Sunday Night @ The Loft (Sundays 4:30 & 6:30)

On Sunday nights we like to come together to kick back, have some fun, eat some food, and share a little devotional. We play large group games, announce some of the upcoming events, share an awesome video of the week, play some games for prizes, and then have a 30 minute interactive devotional. Starting on September 20 we will go back to our regular schedule with Sunday Night @ The Loft. Middle school students will meet from 4:30-6:00, and high school students will meet from 6:30-8:00. From 6:00-6:30 we will have a combined dinner served by parents in the Youth Café. If you have a friend who has never been to church before or who is looking for a youth group to join this is a great program to invite them to. 

Dive Deeper (Mondays 7:00)

Do you want to go a little deeper in your Bible study? Starting on September 14 we are going to offer an in-depth Bible study opportunity to youth who are interested. This is a chance to spend time wrestling with some bigger questions and going a little deeper than we are able to on Sundays. I'll introduce youth to some critical reading skills that they would learn in an introductory Bible class at a university. This time is for people who want to change up the way they read and study the Bible. During the first six weeks we will be looking at where the Bible came from, how it was written, how it was passed down, and how that impacts our interpretation of it today. 

Serve Teams & Service Opportunities

This school year we are looking to offer a variety of ways for youth to serve both their church and the community. We are creating four Serve Teams for youth to serve in the church, as well as other monthly volunteer opportunities for youth and families to participate in. If you need service hours for school there will be opportunities to earn some of those hours through our service opportunities. We will talk more in depth about this next Sunday morning, Sunday, August 30.