What happens if Mary isn't in the story?

Here is what we talked about

As we approach the Christmas season, our students are spending several weeks studying the very first Christmas, as recorded in the Bible. This first week, we looked at the life of Mary, the mother of Jesus. This young girl changed the history of the world, and we can learn important lessons from her.

We studied Luke 1:26-56 and saw how Mary handled her calling to be the mother of Jesus. We saw how she responded when the angel appeared to her with the news of God’s plan for her life. What made her so special was her willingness to do what God had called her to do, even though it would change her life. Mary didn’t have the foresight to fully understand all the good that would come from her obedience, but she still chose to fully surrender to God.

 I’d encourage you to talk with your teenager this week about the life of Mary. You also could use the questions below to fuel dialogue.

Thank you for your prayers that our students would follow God with the same kind of obedience Mary did so long ago! Have a blessed week!

Read this scripture

Luke 1:26-56

Discuss these questions

  •  What stands out to you most about the story of Mary, and why?

  • How might you respond if you were asked to do something so huge at such a young age?

  • How can we be more like Mary in our attitude toward what God is calling us to do?

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