Sunday Morning Recap 12.20.15

Did you miss the sermon?

Our guys small groups went to the roof this week to blow off some steam, but here is what our girls talked about.

This is what we talked about

There a catchy phrase many people say each year at Christmas that goes like this: “Jesus is the reason for the season.” Unfortunately, in the midst of the chaos of Christmas we sometimes miss this truth. Christmas is about Jesus. This week, our students looked at why Jesus came to earth and why we celebrate his birth—part of our series examining important characters from the Christmas story.

We looked at three key reasons Jesus came to earth. First, he came to give us peace. If you look closely at those who met Jesus as a baby, you see peace within their lives. Second, he came to give us a heart to serve. Right from the beginning we see that Jesus confirmed what he told his disciples that he came to serve not to be served—and that we should lead that kind of life, too. Finally, we saw how Jesus came to give the gift of salvation, to save us from our sins, and to rescue us from our broken thinking and living.

Continue the Conversation at Home

I’d encourage you to talk with your teenager this week about the birth of Jesus. You might want to use these questions during your conversation:

  • What do you think about Jesus coming to earth as a baby? Why do you think he came?
  • How did Jesus bring peace? How did he set the standard on what it means to serve? How did he offer the gift of salvation?
  • In the midst of the busyness of the holiday, how can we do a better job this Christmas remembering why Jesus came to earth?

No small groups next week, see you in 2016