Sunday Night @ The LOFT Recap 11.8.15

Cat Tails, Where in the Bible, Air Pong, and guest speakers from Bulgaria. Let's take a look at the weekend that was in this week's Sunday Night @ The LOFT Recap.

This is what we did

This is what we talked about

This week we were fortunate to have Tsvetan and Iva from our mission partners in Bulgaria join us. For the past eight years West Market Street UMC has had an ongoing relationship with three methodist churches in Bulgaria. Tsvetan is the associate pastor at these three churches and is visiting Greensboro for a week before traveling to other churches in the United States. 

We learned how under communist rule, religious icons were outlawed and the church suffered for it. When communism fell in the late 1980's, freedom of religion was allowed once again. As a result, though many churches are made up of older people and very young people, but there are not a lot of middle aged people in churches. 

We saw pictures from different holiday celebrations, asked questions about the Syrian refugee crisis in Europe, and learned more about the three churches. Please be in prayer for our partners in missions in Bulgaria and if you are interested in learning more or would like to learn about going on a mission trip to Bulgaria you can email Mary Ann James.

Next Week

Remember that next week we do not have Sunday Night @ The LOFT. Instead we invite families to come and participate in our Operation Christmas Child Packing Party from 4:30-6:30 in the LOFT. For more information or to sign up please check out our event page.