Sunday Morning Recap 11.8.15

We went paintballing, Dan preached about the widow's mite, we took communion, and our small groups talked about who God is and culture. Let's take a look at the weekend that was.

The Weekend

Having fun by covering your friends in paint

This past weekend a group of ten students and two brave adults went out to paintball central to have fun shooting at each other in the rain. Because of the rain, mud, and fast moving paint we did not get any pictures or video but it was a lot of fun. Our monthly fun events are an opportunity for our students to get away and have fun together and build relationships, getting to shoot adults with paintballs is just an added bonus. Join us next month for our Christmas party on December 20!


Dan's sermon this week was on Mark 12:38-44, and was titled "Giving Is For God." Did you miss the sermon on Sunday or want to listen to it again? Check out a recording from our 11:00 service below.

This is what we talked about

Middle School Small Groups

We’ve wrapped up our series called “God Is.” Each week, we looked at important characteristics of God and discussed how these traits invite us to know and love God more. Our teenagers talked about how these traits impact their relationship with Jesus.

In this final lesson, we explored Revelation 1:1-8, the opening verses of the book written by the Apostle John. John wrote down what he saw in a vision from Jesus, and these verses reveal how God is both timeless and present. Our world is always changing. But God never changes—he’s a constant that has always been, is relevant today, and always will be. God was in the past, is in the present, and will be in the future.

Take some time to continue this conversation with your teenager. Consider using these questions to get you started:
•    Do you believe that God is as involved in our lives today as he was in the lives of people in the Bible? Why or why not?
•    Which is easier for you: to trust Jesus with tomorrow or to trust him with your future many years from now? Why?
•    God was powerful enough to create the entire universe—yep, that’s a hard one to grasp—and God never changes. That means God still has infinite power. In what area of your life do you need some of God’s power right now?

Thanks for all your prayers for our ministry. Have an incredible week!

High School Small Groups

This week, we studied John 15:1-12, where Jesus uses a beautiful, clear metaphor to describe himself as our life source. He explains that he is the vine, and we are the branches. 

In our culture, we often look for meaning and identity in many other sources. But only when we recognize Jesus as our life source can we experience complete, fulfilled joy. In verse 11, Jesus says he has spoken these things so our joy will overflow. 

This week, spend a few minutes with your teenager reviewing our lesson. Here are some questions you can use to fuel your conversation:
•    How does being connected to Jesus, our vine, make you feel more alive?
•    In what ways is this connection evident in people’s daily lives?
•    What are some things that might try to disconnect you from the vine? How can you be aware of those things and prevent them from interfering with your relationship with Jesus?

We appreciate your prayer and support for our ministry. May God bless your week.