Sunday Night @ The LOFT Recap 11.1.15

One vs. One: Broom Ball, Tectonic Plates, Lumberjack, an upcoming Paintball Trip, Operation Christmas Child Family Packing Party, and wrapping up our devotional series on Stewardship. Let's take a look at the weekend that was. 

This is what we did

This is what we talked about

This week we finished a three-week look at the concept stewardship. Over these past three weeks students were guided through both the Old Testament and the New Testament and discovered some amazing truths such as:
•    God chose to make us stewards of His creation.
•    We are called to give back to God the best of the resources He has made available to us in order to give Him glory and advance the Kingdom of God. 
•    Jesus is the perfect example of stewardship because He left the riches of Heaven to come to earth and give His life for us.
•    When we give our lives back to God we are obeying Him and living out the example of Biblical stewardship.

Again this week students were challenged to give their lives to God for His service. 

We looked at the following Scripture passages:
•    Romans 15:1-3
•    1 Thessalonians 5:14-15
•    Colossians 3:23-24
•    Acts 2:42-47
Please take a few minutes this week to read those passages.

This may have resulted in some life style changing decisions for your teenager. Take some time this week to ask your teenager about the lesson and any action plans he or she wants to follow. Encourage your teenager and even offer to help him or her in any way possible so you can model stewardship.

I hope this lesson has made an impact on your family. Please continue to encourage your child to be involved in all the Bible study and ministry opportunities we have at the church.