Sunday Morning Recap 11.1.15

Our middle school girls small group went to a corn maze, Dr. Ben Witherington III from Asbury Seminary was a guest preacher at 9 & 11 and preached about a theology of worship, and we observed All Saints Day in worship. Let's check out the weekend that was.

What we talked about

Middle School Small Groups

We’re continuing our series called “God Is.” Each week, we’re discussing important character traits of God and how those traits invite us to know and love God more.

In this second lesson, we explored John 3:16-21, where Jesus talks about his purpose and summarizes his good news in a familiar verse—John 3:16. Jesus brought hope to an unfair world. We all have sinned. We have Adam and Eve to thank for that; their actions brought sin into the world. But through Jesus, we have the opportunity to be freed from the penalty of sin—separation from God. Jesus’ mercy doesn’t make his justice obsolete—by his Spirit, we can live in the tension between the righteousness of God and the mercy, grace, and forgiveness of God.

This week, I encourage you to spend a few minutes talking with your teenager about our lesson. Consider fueling your conversation with these questions:
•    How do you define justice? How do you define mercy?
•    Tell me about a time when someone showed you mercy even though you didn’t deserve it. How did you feel?
•    How can thinking about both justice and mercy help you love and trust Jesus more?

Thanks for all you do to love, encourage, and support your teenager at home. Have a great week!

High School Small Groups

We’ve launched a new series on the topic of culture—lessons that focus on engaging society without being swept away by it. Each week students are diving into conversation and Scripture to unravel wisdom, truth, and encouragement for living a Jesus-centered life in a self-centered world.

In our first lesson, we read Jesus’ prayer from John 17:13-19, which focuses on protection, wisdom, and purpose. He prayed not that God would take us out of the world but that God would protect us from the evil one. With God’s protection and love, we can be a shining light in our society.

This week, I encourage you to spend a few minutes talking with your teenager about our lesson. Consider building your conversation around these questions:
•    Jesus prayed that God would protect us from the evil one. What’s it like to know that God is actively protecting you from evil?
•    Why do you suppose Jesus would pray that we “not be taken out of the world”?
•    How do people become so comfortable within our culture that Jesus is no longer their top priority? What can we do if we realize that’s happening to us?

Thank you for your commitment to our ministry, as well as your prayers. Have an outstanding week!