KIDS Sunday Morning Recap

This past Sunday in Children's Chapel we learned about Simon Peter and his fishing buddies- James and John having some pretty bad luck with the fish.......that was until Jesus came along! After they caught a boat full of fish, Luke 5:11 tells us that the men left everything and followed Jesus. These men left their jobs, boats, nets, friends, money, food, and homes to go and be fishers of men!

Here are some scripture readings and questions you can use to extend the lesson at home this week and engage in conversation with your children about the story:

What have you “left” behind to follow Jesus?

Luke 5:5

Why did Simon Peter let down his net again? Sometimes we don’t feel like obeying Jesus, but we must because “He says so.” Can you think of anything that you must do becauseJesus says so?

Luke 5:8

Why do you think Peter said that? When we witness something great that God is doing, we realize how small we are. Peter was astonished by the miracle and the presence of God. Have you ever been overwhelmed by something that God was doing in your life?

Luke 5:10b

Once we become Christians, we are called to be fishers of men. Is there someone in your life who needs to hear about Jesus? God doesn’t want you to be afraid. Make a plan to tell that person about Jesus. 

Is there something that you need to “leave” in order to follow Jesus more closely?