Wednesday Mission Programs 10.21.15

Last Wednesday, we combined GLOW Kids and Mission Possible Kids for teaching time and mission time.  We explored what it is like to be elderly.  Current thinking defines "old age" as being over 75 years of age.  In age appropriate ways, we defined stereotypes and learned about older adults who defy these stereotypes.  (Check out this video and hope that you are this spry during old age!)  We then visited the following four activity rooms:

  • In Room One, kids got a small taste of what it is like to be in a wheelchair.  They scooted around a table (pretty successfully, I might add!)  They also taped their fingers together to give them the experience of what it might be like to have arthritis.
  • In Room Two, they decorated Halloween cookies.  We will take these cookies to nursing homes and elderly church members who don't leave home often.
  • In Room Three, they put in earplugs/cotton to see how elderly people might feel when they lose some of their hearing.  They also saw how an older person's vision might be affected by cataracts or macular degeneration. 
  • In RoomFour, they learned Halloween songs that they will sing next week when we visit our elderly friends.

At Impact League, the kids took the stereotype discussion up a notch.  On November 4, Impact League and MPKids will be visiting the Civil Rights Museum, and this discussion time prepared them for that field trip.  The 4th and 5th graders also packaged chocolate chip cookies and sugar cookies to sell at Wednesday Night Supper and at church on Sunday.  The proceeds of the cookie sale (already over $150) will be given to Guilford County Prison Ministries.