Sunday Night @ The LOFT Recap 10.25.15

Minute to Win It games, Stewardship, and Ginger's story, let's take a look at this past Sunday night with Youth at the LOFT.

This is what we did

This is what we talked about

This week we continued our Bible study on the concept of stewardship. We looked at some New Testament passages which focused primarily on Jesus. Your teenager learned that Jesus is the ultimate role model for stewardship because He gave everything, even His very life so that mankind could have a relationship with God. Since Jesus gave His all to bring people into the Kingdom of God. Ginger shared some of her personal faith story and how she has grown as a disciple of Christ, and used all of her life as a steward of God's gifts. Your teenager was challenged to give his or her talents and abilities and resources to point people to Christ. This was a very challenging lesson and your teenager may want to talk over some their ideas on how he or she can be better stewards and use his or her lives to bring glory to God.

We looked at the following Scripture passages:
•    Colossians 1:15-20
•    2 Corinthians 8:9
•    Matthew 20:25-28
•    Luke 22:39-44

Please take a few minutes this week to read those passages.

Next Steps . . . 

If your student is not one that likes to talk a lot you may get a discussion started on this week’s lesson by asking the following questions:
•    What qualifies Jesus to be the perfect model for stewardship?
•    When you talked about Jesus giving His very life to bring people to the Kingdom of God did that make you think about some things you could do to lead people to God?
•    Did you ever think of Jesus death on the cross as being an act of stewardship?

Please let me know if I can answer any questions you may have about these lessons.