Sunday Morning Recap 10.18.15

Yesterday our Production Team started filming a Sunday morning experience video, our high school boys went to Sheetz during their small group time, our Parenting Matters class talked about eliminating entitlement, and it was commitment Sunday in worship. Let's take a look at the weekend that was. 

This is what we talked about

Middle School Small Groups

We’ve wrapped up our series titled “Who Is God?” We finished by discussing God the Holy Spirit. While the Bible describes the Holy Spirit as having many roles, we mostly focused on the Holy Spirit’s role as a guide, our source for power, and our source for truth.


Our kids are surrounded by temptation, and many struggle to make decisions that honor Jesus. The Holy Spirit is our helper, and he leads us toward making right choices. God has given us a guide and offers power to live a Jesus-centered life because he knows we need help along the way—and the more we’re familiar with God’s truth, the more we benefit from the Holy Spirit’s guidance and power.


This week, I encourage you to spend a few minutes talking with your teenager about our conversation. Consider fueling your discussion with these questions:

  • Why do followers of Jesus need the Holy Spirit for guidance? Why can’t we just figure it all out on our own?

  • Give me some examples of the ways our culture values truth—or ways our culture doesn’t value truth.

  • When do you find it easier to listen to the lies of this world instead of listening to the truth of the Holy Spirit?


I’m praying for you and your family as you continue to pursue Jesus and discover what it means to be one of his followers! Have an awesome week!

High School Small Groups

We’re three weeks into our series focusing on questions Jesus asked in the Gospels. Each week, our students are examining a different passage of Scripture to discover the backstory behind some of those questions.


In this third lesson, we explored Mark 10:46-52, where Jesus met Bartimaeus, a blind man who called out for Jesus to heal him. The interesting point of this interaction is not that Jesus healed him, but the question Jesus asked him right before he did it. “What do you want me to do for you?” is not a question that we often associate with our relationship with Jesus. Sometimes we get stuck thinking that our faith journey is all about what we should be doing for God. This week we discussed how Jesus wants to do something for us—we just need to ask.


This week, take some time to talk with your teenager about our lesson. Here are some questions you might want to ask:

  • What do we want and need Jesus to do for us?
  • What can keep us from asking Jesus to help us with things we can’t change on our own?
  • What are some specific things that Jesus has already done for us? How can we be more thankful for those things?


Have an awesome week!