Sunday Night @ The LOFT Recap: 10.11.15

Three new games, a video about siblings run amuck and a reminder about our upcoming Winter Retreat. Let's check out what happened this past Sunday Night.

This is what we did

This is what we talked about

This week we wrapped up our discussion our Jesus and Your Stress by looking at John 14:23-27.

We opened the discussion by sharing some of our favorite "comfort things." We discussed our favorite comfort foods, comfortable clothes, relaxing routines, favorite vacation spots, etc. What do these things have in common? They can be taken away. 

In John 14:23-27 we find Jesus in the midst of what is known as the "Farewell Discourse," as Jesus comes to the end of his ministry and begins to prepare his disciples for what is to come. Here we see Jesus promise to leave the disciples with the Holy Spirit who will remind them of his teachings and give them peace.  

Each week we close our lessons on “Jesus and Stress” with a way for your teenager to apply what he or she has learned in his or her life. This process of applying the Bible to life is very important in order for your teenager to get a handle on what he or she has been taught. The application part of the lesson is usually what students remember the most.

With that in mind, see if you can engage your student by asking some of these questions this week:

  • Do you think God has ways to help people with stress and anxiety?
  • What would you say is the most stressful thing happening in your life right now?
  • Have you ever felt the comfort of the Holy Spirit when going through stressful times?
  • How hard is it to turn struggles and decisions over to God and trust Him to help you deal with stress in life?

I hope these past four weeks have been a great time of learning for both you and your student.