KIDS Sunday Update

We kicked off the morning by joining the 9:00 worship band with a super cool rendition of "Jesus Loves Me". Check it out below!

Today's children's moment focused on the music of our church, and the children joined the band for Jesus Loves Me.

Posted by West Market Kids - The Children's Ministry of West Market Street UMC on Sunday, October 11, 2015

Then in Children's Chapel on Sunday, the children studied the book of Esther and learned how the king honored Mordecai and how we can all be God's "aliens". We do this by standing out and being different from others as followers of Christ and by remembering we are not of this world- our home is with our Father in Heaven. Which should explain why all the kids came home with antennas on Sunday!

As a family, you can watch the following YouTube clip called “Blacklight Story Esther Saves Her People”  

Starting at the 2:00 mark

This clip retells the story of Queen Esther and her cousin Mordecai in a fun way. Your child will probably shout “Hey – Man!” right along with the video like we did on Sunday during the story! 

Enjoy :)