Stay Home With

Welcome to your own "stay home with" date. This date contains 5 parts or sections. Follow the directions at the beginning of each section, and enjoy your time together. After you've completed your date let us know what you thought about it by emailing Ginger Shields, Director of Family Ministries, at

Section 1: Laugh With Your Spouse

To get your date off to a fun start, each spouse should choose the category of videos you believe YOUR SPOUSE would enjoy the most. Then take the opportunity to watch the videos in that category. Simply click the links below to watch!

Marriage Humor

Animal Videos

People Getting Hurt

Trending Now

Section 2: Play With Your Spouse 

Now it’s time to get you laughing with (or perhaps at) your spouse. Here is an easy and quick game that will pit your skills against your spouse. Hop off the couch and find a pair of panty hose and 2 pennies. We realize that not all of you will have panty hose. So just find the longest pair of socks you have and give this game a go! Who has more SKILLZ?

Section 3: Talk With and Listen To Your Spouse

Take a few minutes and answer and discuss the questions on the Pop Quiz in your bag. These are questions where the stakes are not high, but remembering the answers your spouse gives will give you some good ideas for future date nights.

Section 4: Learn With Your Spouse

Answer these two questions, and then take the opportunity to watch the message below presented by Andy Stanley.
1.    Think of a couple you both know who has a great marriage. What do you think sets their relationship apart from others?
2.    What do you think is required for a couple to stay in love forever?

Section 5: Questions

1.    Do you agree with what Andy Stanley says about how a couple can not only fall in love, but stay in love forever?
2.    Love always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

-    What is one thing we can do to better protect one another?
-    What is one thing we can do to better trust one another?
-    What is one thing we can do to better hope in/for one another?`
-    What is one thing we can do to better persevere together?

3.    What can we do to better “Believe the Best” in one another when our expectations are unmet rather than “Assume the Worst”?
4.    What did you like most about this Real Marriage Date Night?

Thank you for taking the opportunity this evening to focus on growing your marriage. It’s hard to imagine the possible obstacles you encountered while setting this night aside to be intentional about your marriage, but we pray the time was beneficial for you. God is FOR your marriage, and He believes your marriage matters, and now you’ve shown that your marriage matters to you as well.